Training Options

Semi-Private Training

This is the most popular option as it allows you to follow along with a personalized program in a monitored environment (up to two other fantastic trainers) where you can take control of your own activities while having support whenever you need it. S-PT is both effective and cost-effective. Programs are hosted on the Volt Athletics platform and may also be adapted for activities away from Hybrid. Nutrition support is available if desired.

Monthly Pricing

1 Day/Week: $120.00/month

2 Day's/Week: $175.00/month

3 Day's/Week: $210.00/month

4-5 Day's/Week: $250.00/month

Please inquire for couples or family rates.

Prices do not include taxes.

Personal Training

You, me. Me you. Working on goals. Personalized training plan, and individual focus.


This option comes before training and allows us time to communicate and see if we can work together, while also generating information about your movement ability and strengths to help direct your program.

Online Training

Personalized programming that you can access wherever and whenever you like.


Do you have some specific movements you want help with? I am happy to spend some time focusing on whatever area of movement that I am qualified or able to help you with.

Group Training: Want to train with friends only? Lets see what we can do!